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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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break being news, a senseless tragedy in michigan, a shooting spree leaves seven people dead, but what we're learning about the gunman, who is now in custody. gun violence in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood where police found, two people sitting when they were shot overnight. when you win, it is beautiful. we will start, we will start winning for our country. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> and the crucial night for campaign 2016, and it goes to the front runners, hillary clinton and donald trump are big winners, why the g.o.p. field gets smaller with another candidate ending his campaign. it is sunday, february 21st good morning to
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you i'm rahel solomon. i want to start first with weather, justin drabick in the eyewitness weather center. >> we have a spring feel like. yesterday was amazing. we made it to 60 degrees. every reporting pennsylvania station hit 60's. we will keep that warming trend today and bring in changes for workweek. we're tracking rain later on this morning it is not that bad waking up with temperatures a little cool in the 30's to 40's but we have clear skies right now, but that changes this afternoon. some clouds will roll in and we will talk about rain for part of the delaware valley. not everybody sees it today but check it out, outside getting ready for a nice sunrise in less than an hour. live look at center sit the which clear skies. temperatures in the 50 in the city and colder suburbs we are in the the 30's. so lets go to our neighborhood network, check it out we are looking at 46 degrees in cinnaminson. in norristown, audubon elementary school at 40. wayne, saint david's golf club
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checks in at 51. we have a west northwest wind coming in light at 3 miles an hour. in mays landing we're cooler at william david middle school where it is 42 degrees and wind are calm. that is the trend. mild start. we will bring in more clouds this afternoon, still a warm take with temperatures in the 50's. we will talk about that rain and has best chance to see that coming up in the forecast in a few more minutes. we will let you know what to expect in the mid week storm as well in the seven day, rahel, back to you good we will check back in just a moment. seven people are dead after a mass shooting in calma sue, michigan. police are calling the manner of the killings inn comprehensive. a 45 year-old man is in custody, authorities say he drove around the city shooting people at random. a 14 year-old girl ace machining those killed. the suspect shot people at multiple locations, including a car dealership and a apartment complex, and a cracker barrel parking lot. >> we have multiple people
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dead, in summary, what it looks like is we have somebody just driving around, finding people, and shooting them dead in their tracks. >> reporter: authorities say all five people shot outside the cracker barrel have died. the suspect did not resist arrest and was taken in custody without incident. the identity of that man has in the the yet been released. more gun violence back in our area, overnight shooting is in hunting park and leaves one person dead and another injured. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at temple university hospital where one victim was transported. good morning, cherri? >> reporter: good morning, rahel. yes, a tragedy overnight. police confirmed a man was killed in that double shooting, and was pronounced overnight. the second victim a with man is injured and she's being treated here at temple university hospital. take a look at the video. what we know at this point is that it happened overnight just before 11:00 p.m. police arrived on the scene at
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the intersection of the pike and park avenue in the hunting park section of philadelphia, they found a man shot multiple times, woman as well, they were inside of that silver vehicle will when at some point a suspect began shooting as is evident by gunshots through that windshield ape shell casings on the ground, both victims were rushed to the hospital, the man again was pronounced dead, in word on whether victims were shot inside of that reek will or while trying to get out. back here, live, again police have confirmed that one man has died, in the double shooting and a woman is injured. she's currently being treated here no word yet on the identity of the victims and in word yet on a suspect as police try to figure out why this all happened. live from temple university hospital, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you. seven people have been taken to the hospital, after a car flipped over a median.
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it all happened around 2:00 this morning on roosevelt boulevard, and broad street. an 11 year-old boy was thrown from the car and rush to the hospital. three of the people inside that vehicle are listed in critical condition, the accident remains under investigation, all north bound lanes of the boulevard are closed between wissohickon and broad street. a 13 year-old boy is in serious but stable condition at chop this morning after suffering multiple stab wound. it happened just after midnight on the 4400 block of holden street in west philadelphia a. no word on any suspects, or if anyone else was involved. now to campaign 2016, after a big reach for president donald trump is a big winner in south carolina primary bringing in nearly within third of the vote, jeb bush was near back of the pack and has announced he is suspending his campaign. cbs's craig boswell is in columbia, south carolina.
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>> reporter: cbs news projections donald trump has won the south carolina republican primary. trump came out ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz who finished in a virtual tie for second place. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina, this is big. >> reporter: jeb bush finished in the bottom three and he told supporters this one is his last primary of the 2016 presidential candidate. >> people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i respect their decision. so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. yeah, yeah. >> it was out carolina voters with the most important quality in the candidate is that he shares their values and he said most important issues is terrorism. for cruz and rubio a strong finish in south carolina means momentum heading in to super tuesday on march 1st with almost 600 delegates at stake. >> we can stand together with a proven consisted, constitutional conservative
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and bring back america. >> twenty-first century conservative movement is son of the bartender and maid from cuba who stand one step closer to being the forty-fifth president of the united states of america. >> reporter: donald trump will try to make it three in a row tuesday at nevada caucus. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". speaking of nevada hillary clinton came out on top in the democratic caucus there former secretary of the state, defeated bernie sanders, 53 to 47 percent, cbs's danielle nottingham is in las vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton savored her victory over bernie sanders in the nevada democratic caucus. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> reporter: women voted for clinton 57 to 41 percent. but polls exposed some
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witnesses. sanders was also favored among younger women voters. >> i believe that on super tuesday, we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states. >> reporter: this was the first test for democratic presidential candidates at courting minority voters. democrats gathered at hundreds of caucus sites including a handfull here on the las vegas strip, casino workers voted. >> i am putting my stance on bernie getting that close. >> reporter: for some voters it comes down to electability in november. >> she has been about children and family her whole life and i connect to that and i believe in her. >> thank you, god bless you. >> reporter: clinton now has momentum heading in the south carolina primary next week. in las vegas, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep it the right here on
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"eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the presidential race, and you can get latest news anytime at cbs police are searching for suspects, they say, brutally attack a kutztown university student. take a look at this surveillance video. the police say these men stabbed the 22-year old victim during an altercation, it happened near campus on noble street around 12:45 a.m. on saturday. police believe at least one of the three suspects is also a student. if you have any information you are asked to call the police. authorities now confirmed a woman died in the condo fire in florence township, burlington county. family members identified the victim as seven two-year old irene thorn, six others suffered minor injuries at toll gate condos at florence toll gate road. chopper three on the scene around 9:30 friday night. it took two hearst for fire fighters to bring the flames under control. the causes under investigation.
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one man is in the hospital this morning after a section of an olde city condo collapses, and investigators are trying to figure out just exactly what went raining causing the surface of the staircase to give way last night. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria tells us why several other people could not spend the night at the their home. >> it looked good to me is what wrong with that. >> reporter: looks deceived as residents of the adjacent building surveyed signs prohibiting access to this church street condo building near second and market. structural problem of the landing of the brick exterior staircase caused one man injuries and the building to be evacuated. around 74:51 woman was helped off her balance coin by a fire department ladder. >> does it the surprise you. >> yes, it does because a lot of people lived here are very kind of in love with the place. >> reporter: this couple has a similar layout, it is what left locals like them to
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wonder about the condition of their olde city brick and how else they would exit their buildings should they have to. >> there is in other way to get out. >> we'd have to go over the balcony on the fourth floor to get down in that building. >> reporter: dialogue probably isn't a bad one to have, this building like many others in center city dates back to the late 1800's and city codes when it comes to exist points in historic districts can get complicated. no word when these repairs will be done. reporting from olde city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come this morning justin is back to tell us more about a storm this week. will it bring rain, snow and the timing, coming up next. plus mayday call from this dramatic crash a tour helicopter slamming in the water, near hawaii's pearl harbor. and the final moments from the doomed ship el faro hear the captain's 911 call and the confusio
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they are investigating what caused the crash. some trouble out at sea after a tugboat and barge ran a ground at brigantine beach. authorities say tugboat lost power and ropes got caught in the propeller. they drifted near absecon inlet. due to strong wind and tide, coastguard suspended operations until today they say no injuries or pollution has been reported. and just continue is back with the forecast, very popular man in the studio. >> so, spring like weather. >> yes. >> we hit 60's. today we might have a shot at 60 if the sunshine can hold off. we will be in the the 50's which is great this time of the year. good 10 degrees above average. we have some rain coming this afternoon and tonight. not so much, spoil tore day. >> yes. >> cool down this week, we had that big storm. people have been talking about over past week. the it looks like it will be mainly rain. we will time that out in the seven day. lets take you out identify. we have some clear skies over us, and it is just about a
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full moon a lot of moon light coming into center city to day. look at that sunrise in a half an hour to 40 minutes. some good color to deal with this morning. we're looking live from our roof camera in center city. so in problems this morning. good traveling conditions, all across the region. it is later this afternoon we will talk about those rain chances. do you see clear skies now but those high, and mid level cloud will start to lower and thicken this afternoon and approaching the next storm which will bring our rain. check out our neighborhood network temperatures, across the region this morning, we will switch sources to the neighborhood if we can bring that up, forecast, that was yesterday where we did reach the 60's but this morning our current temperatures, generally in the 40's to 50 degrees. some cold spots are down about 30 degrees as well and we cannot bring up our neighborhood network. i guess not. the so we're talking about mild start this morning, again, the afternoon 50's, and as we hit the seven day
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forecast, that is where we will bring changes in this week. let talk about what is happening today. increasing cloud, 56 for the high temperature, late day showers. the once you get to four or 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon these showers start to roll role in from the west and it is basically from the city on south and east. those are areas with the best chance to see the rain showers today, a tenth to a quarter inch of rainfall and as that system passes by to the south and out of here by tomorrow morning. morning drive, in problem for monday, cooler, up around 49, 50 degrees for monday's highs and then we will focus on the middle of the week and that is potential for next storm, again, trend today just like yesterday has been for more inland track. this is mainly a rain event for all of the viewing area. rain could get in here late tuesday, night, and probably dry, the temperatures in the mid 40's. wednesday we will see period of rain, at times, heavier rain will occur later in the day wednesday and could linger into thursday morning and then by next week even, rahel, we
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could see another cold shot of air temperatures back below average with highs in the 30's to near 40's. >> enjoy the warmth while we can. u.s. coastguard investigation is underway in the sinking of the freighter el faro back in october. on saturday audio recording was played of the ship's captain calling for help before he, before he and his crew perish. cbs's marley hall reports on the final words. >> reporter: it is 7:00 a.m. on october 1st and the el faro is taking on water near eye of hurricane joaquin, the ship's captain michael davidson tried to reach the company on shore but the call goes to voice mail. >> we have a navigational incident. everybody is safe. >> reporter: davidson then tried calling the company's emergency call center and asked for a qualified individual, or qi, the operator seems to not the get urgency. >> i just need your name please.
6:19 am
>> yes, ma'am my name is michael david son. >> the ship's name... >> el faro. >> the clock is ticking can i please speak to a qi. >> another operator comes on the line. >> what is the problem you are having. >> i have a marine emergency and would i like to speak to a qi. we have lost the main propulsion unit, engineer cannot get it going. >> reporter: minutes later captain davidson is connect to john lawrence, manager on call in jacksonville. davidson tells him he thinks he can pump water from the ship and nobody is panicking. thirty minutes later coastguard tells lawrence they believe the ship is only disable and down played the need for rescue mission. >> can you tell me what are you planning on doing now. >> so right now, based off on all of the information that you have provided me, i'm not
6:20 am
in the distress phase currently because we're not at risk of sinking. >> marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators hope to get more information from the ship's data recorder or black box. ntsb is launching another search mission in april. still ahead on "eyewitness news" in the next half an hour meet the cyclist who created art all while pedaling his bike and with the help of the app. hear how he does it. guy coming up next, sports reporter pat gallen tested out floating ohio a when we come back he shows us the benefits and how you
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ you may think regular ohio ace challenging but have you ever tried yoga on water? that is right philadelphia now has its first floating yoga studio. as our pat gallen shows us, as he balancing posts on a paddle board not so easy. >> yoga is a 2,000 plus year-old practice that encompass mental, spiritual and physical exercise but this is a different kind of ohio, floating yoga, i'll jump in the pool at drexel university, actually sitting, taking part with aqua vita philadelphia's first floating yoga studio. this is the ceo. >> i have been stand up paddle boarding for about six years. when i stood, i started practicing. >> reporter: d.a. pne murphy says floating ohio ace for all. >> people who want adventure,
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want to try something new up and just wanted to up your practice. >> i wanted to up my practice so i decided to join. >> make sure your center of gravity is over that sweet spot. >> okay, i think i'm ready. >> let's do it. >> let's give it a whirl. >> perfect. you are drifting point of focus. it should be at the tip of the board or on land. yoga is all about the breath. smiles always help make this a little bit easier, inhale, head and chest list for cobra, untalk the toes, inhale, exhale. look forward. we do need someone to fall in though. >> keep the right foot flex, awesome, deep breath in. meanwhile, just lifting the right heel.
6:25 am
wow. >> that is one of the hardest posts to master on the board and you got it, your first time. >> put your head right in front of the sweet spot of the board, and squeeze the legs in towards one another. >> that was a really good work out and would i suggest anyone who does yoga try this at least one time. thirty minutes it felt like ten and kind of refreshing when i fell in. from drexel university, pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". coming up in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news" a mass shooting in michigan, this morning, seven people are dead, what police are saying about the gunman and how he chose his victims. and also ahead his smile lights up a room, this little boy born with the deformity, now has a new lease on life thanks to a local hospital.
6:26 am
our stephanie stahl, shows us how they are helping him lead a normal childhood. plus, 60 degrees yesterday, justin is back to tell us why today may not be as nice, coming up
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>> morning, i'm rahel
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solomon. thanks for being with us on this sunday morning. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather and a little change in store, good morning, just continue. >> still we are dealing with this winter fall today, yesterday's high temperature reached 60 degrees. today in the quite 60 but still well above average. we have temperatures in the 50's. the nice morning shaping up. thirty's to 40 degrees. we have mid to high level cloud rolling from the south and that is the sign of the change coming. is there a storm that will bring rain to information cast today but this morning looks good here are current numbers right now at philadelphia, 40 degrees in the the airport. same deal in millville, new jersey in allentown a degree we low freezing and 36, in mount pocono, the suburbs, not too bad right now, and quakertown a little bit cold there at 30 degrees. we are at 41 in doylestown. it just depend how your wind are. calm wind your temperatures are able to drop off especially you are seeing in quakertown, allentown but we have a breeze out of the southwest at about three to 10 r
6:30 am
reporting stations so that southeasterly wind today at least initially will bring warmer air and eventually those winds, do change, direction out of the north so that starts to cool us down as we head in the upcoming workweek but we are nice and quiet on storm scan three, as well, this morning, but there is that storm off to the south and west that will bring that rain chance coming in, really mid to late afternoon and then tonight, for southern half of the delaware valley. owe again, this morning, we will see decent sunshine. temperatures in the 30's to about 40 degrees and then this afternoon it is mild, highs running ten to 15 degrees above average and watch out for that rain developing late in the day. we should make it to 56 in philadelphia, mid 50's also at the shore. we will talk about that mid week storm system and time out precipitation, chances, then as well in the seven day in a few more minutes. >> justin, thank you. police are calling it the worst case scenario, driver drives around kalamazoo michigan, killing people at random. at least seven people are dead this morning, authorities say that the suspect, who is now
6:31 am
in police custody, drove around the city taking out innocent people. a 14 year-old girl ace monk those killed. the suspect shot people at multiple locations, including a car dealership and a cracker barrel parking lot. the identity of the suspect has in the yet been released. police are searching for clues this morning after a shooting in hunting park, leaves one person dead, and another injured. cherri gregg from our sister station. yw news radio is live at temple university hospital with the very latest, cherri, if morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, philadelphia police have confirmed that a man is dead and woman severely injured and being treated here at temple university hospital following that double shooting in hunting park. take a look the at the video. what we know at this point is that police arrived at the scene at pike and park avenue, just before 11:00 p.m., saturday night, and they found the man shot multiple times.
6:32 am
would the man was also shot the apparently the two victims were inside of that silver vehicle when at some point a suspect or suspects began shooting. the as you can see there are multiple gunshots through the windshield, and shell casings on the ground, both victims were rushed to temple university hospital where the man was pronounced, no word on whether the victims were shot while inside that vehicle or why trying to get out. back out here live, again police have confirmed that a man has died and a woman is injured and is currently being treated here at temple university hospital, police have not yet released the victim's identity, and as they try to figure out who did this and y live from temple university hospital, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you. turning to campaign 2016 coverage for the first time in the presidential race, saturday brought multiple contests on the same day. democrats weighed in on a
6:33 am
tight contest in nevada and republicans cast first ballot in the south. karen capa wraps up the results. >> reporter: balloting started at 7:00 a.m. saturday in south carolina but the contest out west brought the day's first results. the hillary clinton entered nevada's a democratic caucus in the the tight balance will with bernie sanders and came out, on top, i'm so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters, out there, some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> reporter: margin of victory much slimmer. birn zappedders hoped how he had been playing catch up. >> what this entire campaign has been about is the issue of momentum, is the issue of bringing in more and more people into the political process. >> reporter: from first in the the west to first in the the
6:34 am
south, donald trump led by double digits in most polls heading in to saturday's contest and he posted his second victory of the 2016 republican race. >> let's go. lets have a big win in nevada, let's have a big win. let's put this thing away. >> reporter: with trump's victories a departure from the race, jeb bush, one time front runner, and, was in the enough. >> people of iowa and new hampshire and south caroline after spoken and i respect their decision. so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> reporter: next up for remaining republicans, party caucus in nevada on tuesday, the democrats have headed here to south carolina for their first in the south primary on sat the day n columbia south carolina i'm karen capa. keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the presidential race, you can get latest anytime at cbs meantime, washington d.c. pauses for funeral of supreme court just to advertise
6:35 am
antonin scalia on saturday. correspondent weijia jiang tells us the trenton born justice was remembered as a man of faith with deep love for his country and his family. >> reporter: church bells told for justice antonin school use as pallbearers carried his casket in the shrine of the immaculate conception. father paul scalia, the justices son presided over mass and delivered the homily. >> god bless god with the love for his family. >> reporter: father scalia was on the verge of tears when he talk about his dad's love for his wife of 56 years and the couple's nine children. >> to have each other for support, that is the greatest wealth a parent can give you, and right now we are particularly grateful for it. >> reporter: scalia's funeral services was first for, and,
6:36 am
and, nation's largest roman catholic church. religion was an important part of his life. >> it was a reminder that there are more important things in his life then the job he did every day. he was somebody who loved his church and loved his country both. >> reporter: and he loved his friends, said dick coleman, who went to college and law school with scalia. >> it always gets me when i read something in the media about him being, he was warmest funniest guy i necessityreport both side of the aisle including dick cheyney, joe biden and senator cruz came together to say good bye. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fbi terrorism experts are now, investigating the shooting of two new york city police officers, early saturday morning. the officers were shot, while responding to reports of gunfire, in brooklyn. one officer was hit in his bullet-proof vest and the the other was struck in the hip. neither has life threatening injuries, the suspect was shot
6:37 am
by other officers, at the scene, no word on his condition at this time. thousands marched through chinatown this weekend and in support of the former nypd officer. part of the nationwide rally for that officer who was recently quick in the shooting death of an unarmed man. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tells us why protesters say justice was in the served. >> unaudible. >> reporter: with every chant, and every step, they are making the statement. >> tragedy happened. it doesn't mean that it is a crime committed. and support of nypd officer peter leon, the rookie cop convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of the unarmed man back in 2014. >> it happened in the stairwell of the brooklyn housing project when he allegedly misfired in the dark. the officer says bullet ricocheted off the wall
6:38 am
hitting and killing 28 year-old akay girly. >> black lives matter. we do believe with the family. we understand that there is no compensation for what happened to him. but justice is here. >> supporter claims officials turned her in a political scape goat to ease rising tension as begins police officer and prevent potential riots. >> everybody needs to be treated equally regardless of the race, background, political beliefs, that is why we came to the u.s. we believe in this country. we believe in the system. >> reporter: group is pleading for leniency who is scheduled to be sentenced april 14th and could face 15 years in prison. in center city anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". victim's family says their demand for justice will not end despite the convictions, they say that they want justice, beyond the courtroom including policy changes at the nypd. protesters are getting ready to rally with a begins the fbi, after a judge ordered
6:39 am
apple to unlock the phone of the one of the san bernardino shooters. philadelphia is one of the dozens of cities taking part in the protest, organized by the internet rights group, fight for the future. apple argues that unlocking the killer's i thephone would compromise the privacy of millions of iphones. the rally is scheduled at the apple store on walnut the street this tuesday at 5:30. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, new technology in philadelphia that is helping disable children live better lives. health reporter stephanie stahl with that shriner's hospital to see it all in action. >> through go. >> reporter: these are first steps six year-old casen fireton is taking with his new prosthetic leg. born with the leg deformity as he has grown saysn has had prosthetics all made at shriner's hospital for children. it has been an emotional roller coast for for his family. grand mom has made sure to make him feel special especially among his friends.
6:40 am
>> kid will think you are a super hero. >> yes. >> we thank everybody for it, for egg us with him. >> reporter: they told us models used to take a long time to make but new technology speed up the process making fittings easier for children like casein. >> get around easier. >> yeah. >> reporter: is it comfortable. >> um-hmm. >> he can walk, run, and do stairs and it is just amazing. >> reporter: new technology at shriner's starts with computerized imaging that creates a model of the mold used to make the prosthetic, that image is sent to the 3-d access computer that creates the mold. >> it carves out exact shape designed on the computer. >> i think it is great. it speeds up the process. >> reporter: prosthetic is made around the mold and all of the computerized settings are saved so as children grow it is quicker, easier to make them new limbs. >> it is just amazing, absolutely amaze ago this they can do this now. >> reporter: with the new
6:41 am
technology at shriner's what used to take 90 minutes new takes ten minutes, so they are able to help more children like casen. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 eyewitness news. still to come this morning, meet the cyclist who used his canadian city as his canvas. how he turns his bike ride into artwork. and then justin is tracking a mid week storm, he will be back with more of the timing and if it will be more of the wet or white variety. we will be rig
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back now on "eyewitness news", with an artist whose wheels are always spinning. we report on the bicyclist who turned his ride into art. >> reporter: if steven looks amateurish, consider his medium. >> i have drawn a lot of pictures with my bicycle and one of these. it is a gps tracking device. >> reporter: and intent on how he explained how his app tracked cycling trips for fitness and marks the route. >> it just struck me there had to be a creative potential to it. >> reporter: he brought his path through the streets of the victoria, canada. the end result a grasshopper, dark vader, and a mermaid that took 14 hours loan n1 year he walked 13,857 miles, the distance from victoria to tokyo and back. >> does your wife begrudge you love affair you are carrying on with the road.
6:45 am
>> i think of all of those people, who spend that time, sitting idlely in front of the tv or in front of you tube. i think that my time in the big picture isn't all that excessive. >> reporter: now the cyclist artist is urging others to get out and gps their own. >> it the is just so easy to go out, experiment, explore, and do something creative. >> reporter: what goes around, comes around. contesta brewer, cbs news, new york. very cool. that is probably a good day to do some bicycling today. >> awesome day, first half of the day. we will talk about rain later on but check out this gorgeous color. we have mid to high level cloud coming in but enough clear skies to see decent sunrise this morning coming up in about five or ten minutes. mess locations. little bit earlier already at the shore having the sun up but then later this afternoon we will talk about rain chances moving back into our forecast. the let's check it the out. this is what we're talking about, headlines, rain today
6:46 am
for the southern half of the viewing area then we will cool temperatures down starting tonight, and then next week and then we will talk about the upcoming larger storm system that will impact us for middle of the week. check it out, yesterday's high temperature 60 degrees at the airport, some areas were in the mid 60's, average high 45 degrees, today, still not bad, we will take mid 50's for late february. tomorrow near 50 degrees, above average and then tuesday and wednesday, we will cool it down there and we will bring in that next storm system. this morning it is not bad, still hanging on to 49 degrees. harrington, delaware. forty-six in dover. millville, cooler there 40 degrees. we have the calm wind, that colder air is able to settle in the a the surface. thirty-eight in palmyra, new jersey. forty-two in mount holly, numbering. there are some of the cold northwestern suburbs. you go into bucks county, quakertown 30 degrees. even up in the lehigh veil, allentown checking in at 31. overall, pretty much quiet with mostly clear skies right now. but there will be clouds rolling in from the west today and with those clouds, some
6:47 am
rain will develop. so lets talk about our rain chances over the next few days. today we will throw in a 50 percent chance, mainly late in the afternoon and during the evening hours, for the southern half of the viewing area. so basically from philadelphia on south and east. tomorrow we're dry. not a bad start to the workweek. tuesday, this is kind of like a two part storm system. a weak system will come into tuesday. 30 percent chance of rain mainly in the afternoon and at night and then the main storm system arriving during the day on wednesday shall and that gives us a 90 to 100 percent chance of rain. heaviest rain should come in here later on wednesday night the in to early thursday morning. so let's time things out. we have a cold front that passes through today, that puts an end to the 50's and 60's and with that front some rain does start to move in, again, southern half of the viewing area we're dry though for monday morning. this system is really quick. not a large one as well. so we're back to some sunshine on monday, and then here's that first system i was talking about. the not a whole lot of moisture. it looks like rain in here
6:48 am
tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. maybe initially northwest suburbs could see a few wet snow flakes. that is it. bulk of the storm will be tracking further inland bringing in warmer air. i will show you that in the seven day forecast. today justin creasing cloud in the afternoon. we will take to you four or 5:00 o'clock we will see showers arriving. we will go into basically northern bucks, montgomery county on southward that is best chance to see those showers, again, not a big deal. maybe a quarter inch of rain at best over this area, and then by monday morning, the commute is good, we're back to some sunshine monday dry and then cloud start to roll role from the south again monday night and ahead of the next storm. rainfall amounts about a tenth to maybe up to a quarter inch for today from this system passing by. today enjoy, 56 degrees, still on the mild side, northwest wind coming in at the 10 miles an hour. tonight the we are cooling down 39 degrees, with temperatures, back down, closer to average but still above average this time of the year even on monday with a high of 50 degrees. forty-four on tuesday, rain possible late in the day, best
6:49 am
shot of seeing steadier rain, with the heavier rain at night temperatures in the 40's and then by next week even, temperatures cool back down in the lower 40's, potentially even 30's. rahel, winter sticking around. is there still shots of cold air. >> that is all right we will enjoy today. >> all right. >> thanks, justin. tis the season for sneezing. between colds, allergies, is there plenty of sneezing going on and no matter what the the cause your eyes will always be closed when you sneeze, but why? it is a good question, our nicole brewer gets the the answer monday night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. right now 6:49. time to look at those road. the lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. ann you are tracking a big wreck on the boulevard. >> it happened overnight. boulevard north bound you are looking at between wissohickon avenue and broad street, northbound lanes are still shut down wissohickon avenue and broad street. they have been shut down for hours now due to an overturn vehicle, all traffic is off
6:50 am
wissohickon avenue to the left, you can see headlights heading toward. so again, boulevard northbound sit down between wissohickon avenue and broad street all due to overturn vehicle, all traffic off wissohickon avenue. we will move traffic cam to the schuylkill expressway, this is schuylkill expressway at spring garden street, in delays or problems here. traffic is moving just fine and on to i-95, and the platt bridge, that looks okay as well this morning, in delays on the platt bridge or on i-95 this morning. again those roadways are good, one big problem spot is the boulevard, that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new back to you rahel. >> ann, thank you. still to come, the flyers battled the mapel leafs without their leader and then lose another key player, did the injuries cost them the game? sports is next. and hear from
6:51 am
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ after taking a head rattling elbow in montreal claude giroux was unable to dress for last night's flyers game in toronto. in addition to the captain missing in action, another key flier would leave this wild game. this game was just nuts. so was this goal. codry makes everyone look silly and then dish toes holley for his ninth of the year. tying it at 36789 on that play steve mason would limp off the ice. it looked like a lower body injury. michael neuvirth would replace him. down three -one, leaf was take a lead, 1:16 later, brian
6:54 am
freeze with the second and puts toronto up four-three. less than a minute after that matt read would put it past him. his tenth of the season. we will go to the flyers, 22nd overtime game of the season. shane gostisbehere, wins it on the amazing pass from jake voracek. he got a point in 15 straight games. the flyers win, five-four. the top mens basketball team in the nation was forced to claw its way past a tough opponent as villanova battled butler but that is new normal for number one wildcats team that has become hunt add top of the poles. it was an emotional day at the pavilion. >> senior day, celebrating guys like danielle ochefu and ryan archie arcidiacono. before they go they are hoping for a lon tournament run. the court belong to the juniors. josh cartright had 22 and 12 board. junior chris jenkins as well with the same exact play. he had 20. it gave nova their seventh straight win, they beat butler
6:55 am
77-67 for win number 24 on the year. nova knows they will need their a game on wednesday, against eighth ranked xavier. >> it will be a battle. it has been real tough going down there. we just got to concentrate, remain focused, keep getting better and play villanova basketball. >> deandre bembry and st. joes took on davidson. isaiah miles would tear it up. here's a triple. put hawks up by two. he had three two. back and forth down the stretch here's's jack gibbs with his 35 for davidson. they would see gibbs with the pretty back door in bound play. payton aldridge. davidson gives hawks their first road loss of the year 91-93. phillies first squad work out will be tuesday and big piece says he is ready to go. yesterday ryan howard checked into camp being the only
6:56 am
philly yet to arrive is miguel franco. howard and carlos ruiz are last players of the 2008 championship team and both figure to be part-time players as their careers wind down. chooch says he is not sure how much longer his phillies tenure will be but grateful for having been here. >> this has been part of my life. i don't know how long i am going to be here. i want to enjoy my team mates. unaudible. >> that is your sports, i'm pat gallen, have a great day. unusual piece of beatles history is sold at auction this weekend. this lock of john lenon's hair was going for $35,000, in dallas. a apparently a hairdresser kept his hair after giving him
6:57 am
a trim as he prepared for a music tour. it was purchased by uk based memorabilia collector. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. crooks using jury duty to scam people out of hundreds, even thousands of dollars. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with the best thing to do when scammers try to target you. plus a new way to jam, you ever go to listen to your music only to find your ear budd cord tangled. our victoria woodill shows us how listening your to favorite tunes a snap. a spring like temperatures get outside and enjoy while you can, justin will let you know when to expect some rain, we will be right back.
6:58 am
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